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Our Story

Our Story

Inspire people to dream.

That’s where The Link of Cullman County began: with a vision to inspire our Cullman County neighbors living in poverty to dream. We want to encourage the homeless, the struggling single-mom, the addict, and the under-educated that God has more for them.

In order to make dreams a reality, we knew it would be bigger than one person could ever do  So we set out to begin connecting resources, people, and needs- community members, school leadership, church staffs, and other non-profits to create programs and services that not only came along-side those in poverty, but did so in a way that built relationships. 

Over the last seven years, we have had the privilege to "be The Link".  The Link of Cullman County is a transformational ministry that loves people right where they are at, no matter what their circumstances, beliefs, or economic status is in order to help them overcome the barriers of poverty.

Our desire as a faith-based non-profit is to help people grow out of poverty through encouragement, education, and employability training. 

Everything we do to love our neighbor flows out of these three key areas. We currently serve our community in 23 different locations with 18 programs and services throughout the year.