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Money Skills for Teens

Wise Up Money Skills for Teens teaches ninth and twelfth grade students in the Fall and Spring semester how to make wise financial decisions.

Research shows that if you can teach a teenager how to manage their money, not only will you help them develop healthy life patterns, but you can influence the course of future generations.

The Freshmen curriculum covers minimum wage, cost of living, delayed vs. instant gratification, banking, and interest. While seniors additionally learn about debt, credit cards, purchasing options, appreciation vs depreciation, and investing.

Students, parents, and educators have praised the in-depth information that is introduced during the semester-long class.

Over 95% of our students would recommend Wise Up to a friend.

Those students say, “Wise Up…

….is a good way to learn how to budget, work with and manage money.”

….is very useful for anyone becoming an adult in the modern world.” 

….teaches us valuable info. on how to be responsible adults and teens.”

….teach[es] life lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life.”


Our facilitators come from the Cullman community and are able to make relationships with the students while passing along life economics in a way that is relevant to them.

We are always looking for new facilitators – especially those who are directly connected to the schools and communities they are teaching in.

Volunteer now to become a facilitator! 

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